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tv   News 4 at 4  NBC  November 8, 2011 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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now, the presidential hopeful plans to respond to the latest accusation today. good afternoon, everybody. on another busy day in the news, i'm jim handily. >> that was before a woman whose name is sharon bialek went public. steve handelsman has the latest. >> reporter: herman cain says what he calls baseless and bogus allegations will not stop it. and he said he doesn't remember sharon bialek. >> i have categorially say i have never acted inappropriately with anyone, period. >> reporter: last night on "jimmy kimmel live" cain said she was watching when bialek said he touched her sexually and
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said, you want a job, right? >> all of this is fabricated because there is not an ounce of truth. >> reporter: a group supporting cain today citing two bankruptcies and troubled financial history. when today she denied she came forward to make money. >> absolutely not. and i expected this. this is what happens. it's not about me. i'm not the one running for president. >> reporter: cain remained the frontrunner tied with mitt romney, but in his abc interview, romney pointed to a bialek. >> this woman's charges are particularly disturbing and they're serious. >> reporter: bialek going forward will kill cain's candidacy. >> they're going to reach the conclusion that this isn't the nominee they want. we know where this is headed. >> reporter: but herman cain says he's headed to a microphone late today to deny bialek's charges and other harassment
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allegations with his political future on the line. as much as republicans want, a conservative candidate like cain, the polls indicate they want even more a candidate they can put up confidently against president obama. i'm steve handelsman, news 4. well, you can expect a lot of telescopes to be pointed toward the sky this evening. a large asteroid is expected to make a close fly by with earth. it's expected to take place just before 6:30 this evening. asteroid 2005 is about the size of an aircraft carrier or a city block. but don't worry, scientists don't believe this asteroid will actually hit earth. it will be about 200,000 miles away, about 85% of the distance to the moon and that's still the closest any asteroid has flown by in 35 years. >> i can put my helmet back. stargazers and, of course, meteorologists love this stuff. >> veronica johnson has her eyes
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on the sky and on the weather. veronica? >> astronomers keep the eyes on the heavens and another asteroid coming up on the 15th of november. the other one coming up ut91 only a quarter size of this latest asteroid that will make it very close to us. here's a little bit more information on asteroids. 66 our temperature. boy, oh, boy, were you loving today? so nice outside. that southwest wind at 6 miles per hour. take a look at rockville, maryland, now at 72 degrees. feels awfully nice, a great day for us and warrington at 73 degrees and oakton sitting at 66 and also at 66 degrees right at prince george's county and mitchellville. your good night forecast, we're going to keep the lovely clear sky around. a nice, starry sky night for us. dropping to 51 degrees by 11:00
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p.m. so, another fantastic evening coming our way. your fast forecast as we talk about the great weather we had today and this clear evening. mild days. just how much longer, folks, can we keep this up? i mean, really. did you know there is a tropical storm out there? it is tropical storm sean. i will tell you the latest on it and if it could have an effect on us coming down the line. don't be alarmed tomorrow afternoon when your television program is interrupted by an important message. the white house is gearing up for the first nationwide test of our country's emergency alert system. it will take place at 2:00 and last about 30 seconds. the president has the power to activate the alert system in times of emergency. it's already been tested and used on the local level. there are reports this afternoon that italian prime minister silvio berlusconi will step down next week. this news comes as berlusconi
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suffered a humiliating defeat yesterday. first a political ally suggested it was time for him to go. then parliament narrowly approved a routine budget matter, a signal observer say that buerlusconi does not commad enough to govern. berlusconi has promised to resign next week after promising economic reforms demanded by the european union. the news of the prime minister resignation affected afternoon trading on wall street. the dow jones industrial average gained 10 points and the nasdaq was also up 32 and the s&p 500 closed 14 points higher. some members of the original "occupy" movement in new york are planning to take their protest from wall street to washington. about a dozen demonstrators plan to set out tomorrow afternoon and plan to walk from manhattan to the district and they hope to get here by november 23rd. that's the deadline for congressional committee to decide whether to keep president obama's extension of bush era
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tax cuts. the "occupy" members say those cuts only help the rich. today is there is a new effort to make the district a state. new website statehood to get the message out. >> reporter: some 600,000 people live in our nation's capital. generating more than $3 billion in federal income taxes. the fight for statehood and representation in congress is decades and some say centuries old. at city hall, d.c. leaders launched a new website to promote the effort. the website has a lot of information. it has history, factoids and even a petition. >> those are people who already have a vote. we have to communicate to people to talk to their own members of the house and senate because we don't have the vote ourselves to
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make that happen for us. website will help us do that. >> reporter: this session congresswoman eleanor holmes norton recently reintroduced the first bill she brought forward after being elected to congress. last session a bill had majority support in both houses, but failed to pass with a gun amendment attached to it. leaders believe the new website is the next step in branding the statehood effort while standing up for equal rights. in northwest, elaine reyes. well, the clock is ticking on this election day and virginia and maryland residents have between three and four hours now left to cast ballots and help shape their local governments. the race for virginia state senate is drawing many to the polls today. republicans are battling for three seats to flip the balance of power back in their favor. buoy college park, gathersbering, greenbelt, rockville and tacoma park are holding local elections. a teenager from southeast
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washington died from injuries he suffered during a shooting. ty garner was found suffering from gunshot wounds. he was rushed to the hospital in grave condition, he died last evening. no one has been charged in the shooting, but police are offering a reward for information. the shooting was one of six that happened on halloween night. comedian and talk show host ellen degeneres has a brand-new position. global aids awareness. secretary of state had hillary clinton gave degeneres the appointment today. she is to use celebrity status to raise awareness in the global fight against aids. fighting aids is also close to her heart. she thanked secretary clinton for the appointment and then she said she'd have to look up what envoy means. well, there's no doubt about the meaning of the word great. that's how boxer joe frazier is being remembered today.
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>> round three. back to the ropes. frazier holding him there. >> frazier died last night after a brief battle with liver cancer. he was 67. frazier was a top amateur who became an olympic gold medalist and then a heavyweight champ. but he'll forever be defined by three classic battles with muhammad ali whom frazier handed his first loss. a statement from ali today says the world has lost a great champion and he'll also remember joe with respect and admiration. >> and we'll all remember him with a great deal of respect and adm admiration. >> indeed, always. when news 4 at 4:00 continues, is joe paterno's career over at penn state? the latest on the is scandal coming up. salahi's new rock and what it really means. the museum gets ready to
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roll out the red carpet for some a-list celebs tonight. some women may walk around town with knockoff designer shoes, but an illegal drug inside. cane from hot 95.5
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[ male announcer ] the chicken marinara melt is the featured $5 footlong of november. juicy chicken, marinara sauce, and melty cheese served toasted on freshly baked italian bread. get it pronto, cuz this november only, it joins our everyday $5 footlongs! subway. eat fresh. pop rock star avril lavigne and broedy jenner said they were assaulted outside an l.a. nightclub the other night. they did not confirm lavigne's involvement but they said, no one was arrested and neither were taken to the hospital. jenner is the son of olympian bruce jenner and step bruther to the kardashians. tmz is reporting that
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michaele ssalahi got a diamond ring from her new boyfriend. she's wearing it on her wedding finger, but sources tell tmz, she's definitely got engaged, yet. instead the ring was described as a "message of love." michaele is still married to her husband, but the two broke up this summer. schon also gave her a bentley convertible last month. > there's leo dicap rio. director clint eastwood will be in town and on hand for the premiere of his new movie, j. edgar. the movie stars leonardo decap row and the premiere will kick off at the museum 6:00 tonight.
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it will open in limited release tomorrow and everywhere else on friday. pillow talk goes high tech. a designer shoe valued at $70,000. and a connection between people who are rude and their credit scores. >> be nice out there. those stories are prompting some of the hot talk all over town today and here with details is kane from hot 95.5. welcome, kane. >> how are you guys doing? >> good. >> do rude people get higher or lower credit scores? >> i'm a please and thank you kind of guy. my mom raised me right, i thought, until now. what do you think? rude people, do they have better credit or worse credit than those? >> i would say worse on the face of it. >> i just don't see a relationship there. >> they have a better credit. they're more likely to say no when their friends say, hey, can i borrow $5,000.
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it's not going to happen. not to mention they're a lot better to saying no to the free credit card offers. you want to open a platinum card, they're like, no, absolutely not. >> rude folks are better money managers then. >> i don't know if they're better money managers but they're better at saying no to things they're not interested n in. no more $10,000 that you asked for me again. >> let's talk about designer shoes. i love them, but what makes any designer shoe worth 70 grand. >> well, here's the thing. they found new ways to smuggle cocaine. one of the things that they do is they mix it up with a special concoction to make a paste. these smugglers made a paste that was formed into knock off shoes which are normally $500, $600, $700 last time i bought a pair. what they did, they used those shoes to smuggle them places and they would grind up the shoes
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and have their cocaine powder back. apparently, some of the shoes are unaccounted for and they're worried somewhere in the world, honey, i got you some designer shoes. yet, they're made of cocaine. >> those are some kicks. >> yes. >> essentially worth a little bit more, $20,000, $50,000, for a shoe and the heel were ground up, as well. >> they'll never know. >> i guess until it rains and your shoes turn into cocaine and that might be slightly embarrassing. >> something new for couples who have to spend the night apart. what is this all about? >> you have a long distance relationship going on. you're spending the night in los angeles and maybe your partner is here in d.c. and you put a ring on your finger, each couple does and then you lay your head on a pillow and what this new device does is allow your partner to feel your heart beat, feel the warmth. see this woman, she's sleeping and see how the pilly lit up.
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that is the signal that your partner layed down and she'll grab it and now pulsing, it uses the ring to get the heart beat and his pillow is pulsing with his her heart beat and hers is pulsing with his heart beat. i don't want to know what happens after that because this is a family show. this is something that you can buy now that is available. an artist actually thought of the idea when she was separated from her long distance boyfriend. >> that does take pillow talk to the next level. >> a whole new level. >> slightly creepy. >> slightly creepy. >> not for every couple probably. >> i hear, you want to pay our bills. >> tomorrow at 7:10 we're doing it every day. we're giving away $1,000 at 7:10 to get you qualified for $75,000 and pay your bills for one whole year. >> that will buy a prayer of those shoes. >> yes. >> just one pair. >> one shoe, what are you talking about? that's all you're getting. >> the left foot. >> exactly.
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>> a big day with you thursday, 5:00. liz was over at your house to meet your dog. one of your dogs. >> does it really do that? now, we tested out the thunder jacket. this thing does it work? does it calm dogs? there's parker, he is annoying. he barks at the tv and the front door. does that device calm a dog, there you go, that's him. >> barking at the fireplace? >> the tv is right above it. see, look at that. those are ferrets, no reason to bark at that. we tell you whether or not the thunder shirt actually is worth the money or not, thursday. >> is he watching this at home now? >> yes, he is. i leave the tv on. >> all right, so long, parker. >> thank you, kane. we'll see you back here -- hey, that's good. now, he's perking up at home. every dog is. coming up on news 4, a storm
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chaser gets a close and personal to a tornado. how michael jackson's former doctor spent his first night behind bars.
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we're following breaking news right not out of northeast washington where four people were hit by a vehicle. happened just a short time ago in quarles street northeast. authorities tell us three adults and one child were involved. two adults were transported to the hospital, one of them is said to be in critical condition. we have a crew en route to the scene and we'll bring you the latest as the details coming up in a live report on news 4 at 5:00 tonight. too close for comfort. talk about that, unless, of course, you're a storm chaser. a twister powdering through snyder, oklahoma, passed within feet of a photographer's vehicle. it's important to note here that the person who shot this video was in a specifically specially designed car made to withstand a tornado. the powerful storm system spawned several of them and damaging at least three structures. and there are the pictures. those are pretty amazing.
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>> there were a lot of spotters that were out yesterday. they really know how to be in the right location, but this is all part of them getting research on storms like that tornado so that down the line, a couple years from now, we have more information. >> this is valuable stuff. >> exactly. part of the system, that cold front that produced that weather yesterday, that's what's headed eastward. in fact, we have that system and tropical storm sean off the western atlantic that could have an effect on our weather. hard to talk about any storm system when you have weather like this around the area and temperatures today that were in the upper 60s, just glorious sunshine throughout the area and a nice, mild wind. we are at 66 degrees right now with the wind out of the southwest at 6 miles per hour. let's talk about temperatures throughout the rest of the area. 64 in montgomery county and you're at 64. 70, though, 70 degrees, our warm spot in culpepper and right around areas of warrington, and
4:24 pm
then a little cooler, once again, with a southeast wind affecting annapolis. overnight, we'll head down to the 50s. 53 degrees by 9:00 and 51 degrees by 11:00 and then into the 40s. slight lly higher tomorrow morning. big rains starting out in the 30s, to mid-40s right inside the beltway. here's a look at digital doppler xt. off to the west, the cold front. in the yellow, tornado watch boxes today. eastern areas of texas and western portions of arkansas where the bigger storms are. you better believe they're chasing out there. that's the cold front that is headed that way. area of low pressure and cold front as high pressure moves out, we get one more day of sunshine tomorrow and really nice conditions with a southwest wind and then you can see by thursday, this is thursday morning, off the coast there, some of the blobs, those are rain showers from tropical storm sean that are racing northward, southeastern maryland, areas of
4:25 pm
the northern neck get early showers early in the day and the cold front with the rain coming in friday afternoon and much cooler and windy by friday afternoon. big changes are on the way for the end of the workweek. clear skies for us and nice for fall as we drop from 59 to 53 degrees. and then your morning forecast, clear skies and patchy fog. 39 to 45. as we look at tomorrow, not quite as nice as today was. we'll get a high of 64 to 68 degrees. okay, then the clouds come in and so will the rain. you need your umbrella for thursday and you'll need a light coat for friday. half of the weekend with a high of 57 degrees. a okay for veterans day. coming up in a couple minutes, i'll show you wonderful, wonderful pictures around the area and new technology that we have right here at nbc 4. >> looking forward to that, veronica. >> thanks, veronica.
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here's the clue for tomorrow -- >> i'm in madrid, spain, which is the capital city of spain. it is the cultural and social hub of this country. also, it tends to be geographically centrally located so it makes it the heart of spain, as well. let me tell you about my location. this is a beautiful traditional plaza here. it is really stunning. it's huge, also, about the size of two football fields. >> well, you'll have to watch tomorrow morning at 7:00 to figure out just where in the world matt lauer is. next, coming up on news 4 at 4:00, a robbery suspect picks the wrong store with skilled athletes nearby. players got a world series ring, but an usher found another type of diamond outside the staid ye. [ male announcer ] does your cable company keep charging you more...
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welcome back, everybody. at 4:30 i'm jim handly. here's what's happening within the hour. herman cain will address allegations that he has sexually harassed several women. the controversy has dominated cain's campaign for the past ten days now and trying to get back on message, but when one of his
4:30 pm
accusers went public yesterday, it became apparent this controversy will not end any time soon. a teenager from southeast d.c. has died from wounds he suffered in the halloween night shooting in the heart of georgetown. 17-year-old ty garner was found in the 2700 block suffering from gunshot wounds. he died last night. no one has been charged in the shooting. there are reports that italian prime minister silvio berlusconi will step down next week. one of his chief political allies withdrew his support today and afterward berlusconi suffered a humiliating defeat. the italian president says berlusconi has promised to resign next week after parliament promises economic reforms demanded by the european union. that news sent stocks into positive territory on wall street. the dow was up 102 points and the nasdaq picked up 32 and the s&p 500 ended the day about 14 points higher. there is no word that
4:31 pm
legendary penn state football coach joe paterno may be forced to resign because of a sex abuse scandal involving a former assistant coach. >> that assistant is accused of sexually abusing at least eight boys over a 15-year time span. mark barger has our report tonight. >> reporter: penn state football coach joe paterno heading to an afternoon practice hours after his weekly news conference was canceled. just minutes before it was to begin. >> due to the ongoing legal circumstances surrounding the recent allegations and charges, we have determined that today's press conference will not be held and will not be rescheduled. >> reporter: both he and the president face scrutiny about their knowledge and actions prior to sex abuse charges being filed against former assistant coach, jerry sandusky. >> i wonder when they'll get in front of this and i think it's turned into a pubric relations disaster.
4:32 pm
>> reporter: sandusky is accused of abusing six boys. they're both charged with lying to a grand jury investigating the matter. the winningest coach also testified that while he doesn't face charges, there is criticism that paterno did not do enough to try to stop the alleged abuse. >> i don't think he did legally anything wrong but morally and ethically, i'm disappointed in him. >> reporter: calls for paterno and spaniel to step down and discussions are under way about how to hend the 84-year-old coach's tenure. >> reporter: penn state played the final home game saturday gents nebraska. now, paterno has not been implicated in the alleged scandal or the cover up. an armed robbery suspect is behind bars this afternoon after choosing the wrong place and the wrong time to carry out his crime. >> surveillance video captured
4:33 pm
the incident at a motel in los angeles on friday. police say the robber pulled a gun on a clerk and took money. as he tried to get away, they say he ran into two mixed marshal arts fighters getting off an elevator. they were in town and they quickly put their training to good use. >> we applied body lock and held them there until the police were called and that was pretty much it. >> the fighters say they are not heroes, they were not hurt in the incident. >> just practice for them. hey, the u.s. coast guard is rescuing a barge off the coast of miami right now. the 270-foot barge began sinking yesterday. the crew reported some fuel problems. a large portion of the barge is already under water. divers were called in to pump out what water they can. the barge has 33 empty containers on board. coast guard helicopters are
4:34 pm
monitoring the water to determine the environmental impact. workers at busch stadium in st. louis have a world series mystery on their hands. the cardinals ushers are used to finding keys and wallets and purses and cell phones, but somebody lost a diamond engagement ring during the world series. an usher was walking to his car, south of the stadium, when he came across the ring. he was asked what he would do if the owner turns out to be a texas rangers' fan. >> i never found it. no, i would go give it back to them, doing the right thing. >> the cardinals have agreed to field called about the mystery ring, even though it was not found on their property. >> even if those calls are from a texas ranger. coming up next on news 4 at 4:00, a whole lot more to come. a reality tv family is growing and growing. the big announcement today. plus, how you can get your hands on some of lady gaga's famous life.
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what's in your wallet? were you crying? yeah.
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we'll pick a winner at 7:00 and announce it during our 11:00 p.m. newscast. congratulations to robert for winning last night. time for the daily deal on groupon today a food discount for $10. you can get 20 bucks worth of food at the woodside deli. there are stores in rockville and silver spring. more than 1,000 people have bought it so far and you've got a little time left. >> all right, let's go to living social for today's deal. we go to northern have virginia. ace hardware has a deal for $15, you get $35 to spend on hardware, tools, paint and anything else you want to buy at a hardware store. there are stores in dale city
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and in centralville, virginia. this is also a very popular deal, especially with handy men and women. 1,100 of these deals have been sold and there's still a day to get your hands on a hammer. >> yeah, get out there. when we come right back on news 4 at 4:00, we have an update on pop singer adele after she went under the knife. conrad murray is spending his first full day behind bars on the medical watch. this evening at 9:00 on nbc washington nonstop on foodies we're chasing after restaurants on wheels. a look at the food truck craze that has taken d.c.'s culinary scene by storm. stay tuned by nonstop scene d.c. at 9:30. some of the greatest streets in america that are right here in the washington area. we'll check out the history and the culture that makes them so t[ male announcer ] want to so achieve more with your money?
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don't you love fall? especially when the leaves reach peak color. >> they are popping. we have some great new technology. we showed you on friday, it's back now and it really makes these pictures come into focus, veronica. >> that's right. i'm at the news 4. i guess you call it the news 4 interactive wall. along with that, of course, it allows us to interact with some of the maps that we show or some of the video that we might have to show and in today's case, it's all about fall color around
4:43 pm
here. well, we are well past october and we're well past peak color in the mountains off to the west. just take a look, areas up around the blue ridge out west. we're past peak color. in fact, we still have also some color left to go here in areas of southern maryland and around areas of the northern neck. still some color left there. but, at peak color right here, all you have to do is look around the area and look at some of these fabulous images sent in to us of the golden maples. hues of golden maples and vivid reds showing up and these photos courtesy of bill fulton. you can see we're just past peak color on that leaf and, of course, we love to get out and the birds love to get out, too. isn't that cool? of course, we have the frosting warning. these are macrophotography. you can see on the edge of the leaf, a little bit of frost showing up and the cool nights and the warm days that, of course, we need for the vivid
4:44 pm
array of color that we get around the area. here's some more images to show. look at that macro photography some of the dew coming off the leaf and amazing images around the area of fall color. hey, if you want to find out more, how to get images like this, all you have to do is go to our website. we some more information for you. this is the mid-atlantic photography association expo. saturday and sunday, all about nature photography at george mason university. again, go to and search nature. all right, let's talk about what's going on around this area in terms of our forecast. and what we can expect. you're going to wake-up forecast. 45-46 degrees tomorrow morning. really, another easy day for us, guys. another easy day with just some clouds moving in. that fog will burn off rather quickly. high clouds around the area. here's a look at future weather. any of the white, those are some of the high clouds that will be pushing in and that's moisture
4:45 pm
from tropical storm sean. just off the western atlantic. you can see it there around cambridge and around lexington park and then by the time we get to late wednesday, i'm talking wednesday night, the green, those are the showers. by around 10:30, 11:00 p.m. off to the west, that's the cold front that is coming in. the same front that is producing that severe weather over in the plains. we're going to get hit both ways. right now, thursday is looking wet with about 40% chance of some showers. out west by thursday, late and friday morning, the white, those are flakes of snow and that's morgantown down towards elkens, west virginia. jim, pat, one to two inches of snow showing up in the highest of elevations. the high temperature for tomorrow, 66 to 68 degrees. your four-day forecast. 59 on thursday. we start cooling down after the wet weather on thursday and 53 for veterans day and windy and cold. but the weekend, a little bit of push back into the 60s. 62 degrees expected on sunday.
4:46 pm
>> we like pictures better of leaves than the flurries. our viewers should know, you could teach a class at george mason in photography. i. >> i might head off just to have some fun with some of my friends. a new movie about princess diana's love life is now in the works. an up and coming starlet has snagged the lead role. the 30-year-old actress has appeared in several well-received movies including "the debt" "tree of life" and the movie focuses on the late royals seldom talked about love affair with a pakistani surgeon, a relationship that ended not long before her deadly car crash. ♪ never mind i'll find someone like you ♪ we want that voice back. right now adele is recovering from throat surgery.
4:47 pm
the british star underwent vocal cord microsurgery in boston for a hemorrhage vocal cord. the condition caused her to cancel all of her remaining 2011 concert and prumosul appearances. adele's doctors expect her to make a full recovery. we're hoping so. ♪ my mama told me when i was young we're all superstars ♪ an opportunity to own a piece of lady gaga's infamy for yourself. going up at julian's auction in december. the prop gun the star wore for "born this way" is expected to fetch 6 grand and the black dress that she wore on "madam"
4:48 pm
magazine last may is expected to fetch nor than $10,000. >> that's up there. the tlc reality show "19 kids and counting" may soon need a new name. >> the duggar family made an announcement this morning on "today" show. >> we are excited. we are expecting our 20th child. yes, yes. we are due in april. just thrilled. >> i don't know how it happened. >> but were you, help me. were you planning for a 20 -- was that the goal? >> well, you know what, this is the farthest apart we've gone. typically 16 to 18 months apart, so we were really thinking it might be our last and that was kind of sad. we were enjoying the grandbabies, they're precious. so, we are just so grateful to god. so excited. >> i'm a mother of two. okay. with all due respect, i know how
4:49 pm
demanding it is. as all of our viewers know. every child is with all of their needs. so, with all due respect, why isn't 19 enough for you? >> well, we always have mothe motto around our us, there's always room for one more. >> so, 20 and counting. michelle duggar, by the way, is 45. so, who knows. there could be a 21st. >> yeah. who's counting. coming up on news 4, a scare for people inside this restaurant. also ahead, quite a scene from a very active volcano. coming up on news 4 at 5:00, we're await agnews conference tonight from herman cain. he's expected to speak out from the latest allegations raised against him. we'll bring that to you live when it happens. also, a new body scan that can save time and save lives. tonight at 6:00, marion
4:50 pm
barry is looking towards the future after four decades in public office and he wants his son to follow in his footsteps. those stories and more coming up starting on news 4 at 5:00. see yo
4:51 pm
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we've gone all out to make this year the best ever. and we are 100% open for business. you mean 100% open for fun. here in the best part of the gulf. louisiana, florida, alabama, mississippi. this could go on for a while. the owners of a taco restaurant in suburban atlanta were not too happy about their four hp legged visitor. shortly after two customers walked in on sunday afternoon, a deer crashed through the glass door. scared patrons and staff looked
4:53 pm
on in disbelief. the deer scurried through the dining room and eventually made its way out through an open patio door and then headed to some nearby woods. nobody was hurt, thank goodness, and the deer seemed okay, as well. africa's most active volcano put on quite a show yesterday. this video from the democratic republic of congo. the volcano in the park sent lava, smoke and ash into the night sky last night. the lava is flowing away from the populated parts of the park and park officials say it doesn't pose a threat to animals or people. since 1882 this volcano has erupted more than 40 times, but rarely causes deaths or injuries. still ahead -- >> much more. >> coming up on news 4, right now conrad murray is on 24-hour medical watch. the latest on his first night in prison.
4:54 pm
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dr. conrad murray spent his first night in jail. he was convicted yesterday of involuntary manslaughter in the death of michael jackson. stephanie stanton has more from los angeles. >> we the jury in the involved entitled action find the defendant, conrad robert murray, guilty. >> with that dr. conrad murray became a convicted felon. when the verdict was read, murray showed no reaction, but
4:57 pm
outside court -- there was ju jubilation among jackson fans. this morning on "today" show she also recalled that moment. >> i thought i was going to feel as though i got a tremendous amount of relief, but i felt really numb and not only that, i started crying profusely. >> reporter: the prosecution requested that murray be put behind bars immediately and judge michael pastor agreed. >> dr. murray is remanded to the custody of the los angeles sheriff with no bail. >> reporter: the doctor was taken away in handcuffs, placed under a 24-hour medical watch. murray could serve up to four years in prison, but a california law recently passed to prevent jail overcrowding means he could serve far less than that. >> unfortunately, because of 80109, the completely potentially fail system is now in place. it will be very difficult to
4:58 pm
achieve an appropriate sentence of incarceration for dr. conrad murray. >> reporter: he will remain incarcerated for the next three weeks, until he's formally sentenced. little comfort to a grieving older sister. >> i have been told that he might just get house arrest, i don't know. it's sad because my brother is gone and nothing will bring him back, that's for sure. >> reporter: soon conrad murray will learn what he has to pay for his negligence. stephanie stanton, nbc news, los angeles. >> and that's news 4 at 4:00. news 4 at 5:00 starts right now. tonight at 5:00, herman cain fires back. a day after some strong allegations of sexual harassment from a fourth accuser, the presidential candidate is set to speak out in just minutes. it's election day and voters in our area are heading to the
4:59 pm
polls, but not without some confusion. and a college controversy. an entire class gets straight as, but the professor is a no show. it's 5:00, welcome to news 4 at 5:00. we begin tonight with breaking news in northeast washington where police say four people have been struck near the d.c./maryland border at kenillworth avenue and quarell street. >> let me tell you, a great concern because this is an area where there are lots and lots of children. this was right at the time they come home from school. luckily we can tell you no juveniles, no children were injured. now, let me show you this. this is a motor bike that was headed down towards kennilworth avenue. two people on that bike attempted to turn left on to the street that is only one way. they hit that compact car there, the dodge.


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